If someone you know has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “ICE”, it can be important to know how to go about getting the individual released from detention quickly. For that reason we want to discuss the process of obtaining an immigration bond and how and where you can pay the bond.

There are two ways in which a detained alien can be found eligible for and be granted bond:
– The ICE immigration officer determines that the alien is eligible and will set the amount for the bond. In such a case, you can expect to be able to pay the immigration bond within a week of the initial bond determination.

– If ICE declines to grant bond, an immigration bond hearing can be requested before an immigration judge. The judge will then decide whether bond can be granted and will set an amount if the alien is found eligible.

How to Pay the Bond

Scheduling an Appointment at the Local ICE Office
Once bond is granted, any person of legal status in the United States can schedule an appointment with the local immigration office to pay the bond.  This can be done by phone, by calling the local ICE office that is designated to accept immigration bonds.  When you call the office, ask for personal assistance by pressing “0” on the phone. Let the answering person know that you would like to schedule an appointment to pay the bond.

When You Are At the ICE Office to Pay the Bond

Payment Methods
It is important to know that the immigration bonds cannot be paid by cash or personal check. It is best if a cashier’s check is made out to the “Department of Homeland Security.” You can also use the help of a bondsman to pay the immigration bond.

Documents to Bring To the ICE Office

In order to pay the bond at your local ICE office, make sure you have all the required documents. You need to have your original social security card (no copy!) plus a valid photo ID.

After the bond is paid, the ICE office will inform the detention facility that the alien can be released. Expect the entire process to last approximately one hour. You can now go to the detention facility to pick up your friend or family member.

The immigration law is complex and requires a thorough understanding of all the required procedures. Once bond is paid and your loved one or friend is released, competent legal help should be obtained right away. See our website https://www.helpwithimmigrationbonds.com for fast and effective help in all immigration matters.

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