If someone you know has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “ICE”, it is crucial that you understand the requirements and correct procedures to get the alien released from detention. Here is some information in regards to immigration bond requirements and procedures.

Eligibility for Immigration Bond

A detained individual can be found eligible for and be granted bond in two ways:
ICE determines the alien eligible for a release on bond and will set a bond amount. If this is the case, you can expect to be able to pay the immigration bond within a week after detention.

In those cases where ICE declines the bond or the ICE bond is deemed too high, an immigration bond hearing before an immigration judge can be requested. The immigration judge will decide whether the bond can be granted or whether the initial amount set by ICE can be lowered.

This decision by the immigration judge is made based on various factors:

1)      He finds that the alien is not a flight risk and will attend all future court hearings.

2)      The alien has not deemed a danger to the community and/or is rehabilitated after any crimes which might have been committed in the past.

3)      That alien has relief from removal. The greater the chance for the alien to win the immigration case, the more likely the judge is to give a lower bound.

Immigration Bond Has Been Granted – How to Pay It

The person paying the bond (“obligor”) can be any person of legal status in the United States. He or She needs to schedule an appointment with the local immigration office in order to pay the bond.

What Documents to Bring To the ICE Office

To pay the immigration bond at the local ICE office, the individual paying the bond must bring their original social security card together with a valid photo ID.

Note that Immigration bonds cannot be paid by cash or personal check. It is best if a cashier’s check is made out to the “Department of Homeland Security.”

Alternatively, the help of a third party called a bondsman can be used to pay the immigration bond.

Once the bond is paid, the ICE office will inform the detention facility that the alien can be released. After approximately one hour, the alien can be picked up at the detention family.

Further Resources:

If you require more information about immigration bonds and Immigration bond procedures, see the following websites:



Several law firms specialized in immigration matters can assist you with your questions. With their expertise and help you can greatly increase the chances to get the alien released from detention.



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