How do I get my bond money back is a very common question. We have a page devoted to explaining the process here. If after reviewing the page you think that the process would be too difficult for you and you would like professional help, we can certainly assist you. Please contact us.

As you will see from reviewing the page, it is important to see whereabouts you are in the process of eligibility for receiving the bond money back. Did you receive the notice from the Debt Management Service that the bond was canceled, form I-391? If you did, you will see that applying to get your money back is a relatively simple process. If you’ve moved and never received form I-391 or you have not moved and heard nothing from ICE, we believe the best first step is to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with ICE to understand from the government’s perspective what has happened in your case. Again, if this is a complex process for you we can assist in filing this request to get all the information to start helping you.